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Digital Programme


Welcome you to the 2nd E&E Event 2022.

The Event this year offers both an ‘in person’ experience in Vienna and a virtual experience using an online platform introduced to offer the flexibility that is now part of our lives today.

Our aim is to repeat the environment created with the inaugural Event in Berlin. The feedback we received was so positive we knew that the concept was a winner. So, we will again provide for you, over the two days of the Event, a professional platform that will encourage a high level of interactivity.

How can you gain the most from the six sessions of the E&E Event 2022:

  • Opportunity to initiate and influence important discussions.
  • Share and exchange experiences and best practices with others.
  • Contribute to debates on key issues affecting the future of the industry.

We wish you a successful Event, make the most of what is available and we hope that you leave feeling inspired for the future.

Siobhan Mckelvey
Director General
Dr. Carsten Karcher
Secretary General
Vienna Tourist Board Sponsorship